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From $500 to $10,000/month

I started my business a year ago, and babe, let me tell you, it has been a journey! I used to work probably more than 70 hours per week, making roughly $500 per month, feeling super motivated but frustrated about my lack of results. I was looking up to all these coaches who were making more than 20k/month and asking myself how the fuck do they do that?! I went all in, invested thousands of $$$ in courses and training, and I went from hating sales to absolutely looooving sales and making $10,000/month! Woohoooo get excited because that's what I'm about to teach you in this monthly experience!


I remember how I use to see and talk about money and sales, I remember how I use to feel as soon as I was hearing the word "SALES".... my hands started sweating, my heart racing, I just wanted to leave the fucking room, my all body was going in fight-or-flight mode, just with 1 WORD !!

Sales use to make me feel so uncomfortable and stressed out, when someone was selling to me or when I had to sell to someone. Plus on top of that, I was comparing myself to everyone who were successful around me and damn it was painful and frustrated!!

Clearly, I was self sabotaging my success that of course I couldn't attract what I wanted. 

"Why can't I make more sales?"

"Why can't I sell easily like everyone else?"

"Why is it not working for me?"

"I want more clients!"


These are the questions most entrepreneurs keep asking themselves and so they unconsciously think that there is something missing for them, there is something blocking them, separating them from what they want.

Okay, listen, everything is already IN YOU babe! What you need is the road map to become MAGNETIC to your ideal clients and that's when it gets really fucking easy!

You can't expect to make more than $10,000/month
and be afraid to invest 2k in yourself


During all this time I understood what I was not seeing previously... there is an energetic signature behind every action we do.

So in order to create a quantum leap, like I did, in your own biz, you gonna have to change your energy and it comes down to your MINDSET, because how you THINK create how you FEEL and therefore your VIBRATION. 

When you align MARKETING STRATEGY, your MINDSET and your VIBRATION that's when you become MAGNETIC.

Because yes, let's face it, there is some strategy that you absolutely need to know to attract clients, but as you know strategy is only 20% of your success, so we must address the 80% >> your mindset and energy.

When I discovered all of this and embodied it, I went from making 2k consistenly to 10k straight, boum!

This experience is for all the entrepreneurs, coaches, PT who want to up-level their bizzz and attract their clients easily instead of hustling.

When you'll understand and apply what I'll teach you, you'll see how easy and fun SALES and business can be.  

It's going to be so powerful and exciting

I'm so happy to give you this program!


There is generally 2 types of people when it comes to sales:

1. Your think that you need to DO MOREEEE! So, there is 23083 things on your to do list, you do all the fucking free courses and you end up feeling exhausted and frustrated (that was meeeee)

2. You're done even before starting, you know you suck at sales, you lack motivation and self confidence so you stopped trying

The problem is that you're forgetting the only 1 thing your clients wants to know!

All this, is getting you even further away from attracting your clients easily and closing sales without having to convince them to buy.   

Let me tell you right now, there is another way!

It's waiting for you

Imagine if ...

You didn't have to convince your clients anymore!

They were just sliding in your DM wanting to buy straight away from you... 

You could sell high tickets with confidence and ease

Can you imagine only attracting clients that are ready to jump in, pay in full and get outstanding results with you?

That's what you can expect by doing this training!

Expect massive transformation, clients rushing in your DM and money flowing in your bank account.


Aaaaaah I'm so excited for you, we're going to have so much fun!


Are you ready to be the LEADER and take the action that will get you there?!

You're going to learn how to ATTRACT instead of HUSTLING,

You're going to learn how to be YOU instead of COPYING

You gonna learn to be in ALIGNMENT with YOURSELF 


I'm so excited to give you this program!

We start the 8th of August 2021, for 4 weeks together, 1 call a week (yes of course, there will be a replay if you can't make the live training)

See you sooooooon!


Early Birds


Available until 22/07/21



We start the 08/08/21

WFH Setup

Who's this awesome chick you ask?

I'm Chloe Gin, NLP Mindset & Manifestation Coach.

In only 1 year I went from being lost ot knowing what my mission was, to creating a successful online coaching business, making consistently $10k month doing what I love, attracting more and more clients by being ME. 

By investing in myself, I understood how our brain works and how to change humans behaviors. I've been coach by the best coaches in America and in Australia. And as I keep expanding and improving my skills, my clients keep growing with me. 

We are meant to EVOLVE and to be HAPPY, I'm here to give you the road map to your expansion. I'm so excited to show you exactly how I did it so you can do the same for you. 

Remember that the Universe has your back
only when you jump all in and commit to yourself 

What my clients think about working with me...

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