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Conscious and unconscious mind

I work with you using different techniques to achieve the result you want in your life.


As you might know, we have a conscious and an unconscious mind. 95% of our life are guided by our unconscious mind, this is why it is so hard for us to change. Everytime we try to change, after a while we go back to our old habits, our old behaviors. Why? Because our behaviors, our habits are engrained in our unconscious mind, we are on auto-pilote. 

In order to change, we first need to become aware of our unwanted behaviors and then reprogram our unconscious mind. 

How can we do that?

Brain waves,


Our brain operates on different wavelengths. When we are awake, most of the time our brain is in Beta waves, it's our conscious thoughtsAlpha, is a slower brain-waves, so we tend to think and analyze less. The subconscious mind become more accessible when we are in Alpha. 

When you are analyzing, thinking too much, when you are swinging from emotions of the past to trying to anticipate a known future, you are in Beta. When you feel calmer, in coherence, you are in Alpha. We spend most of our conscious waking day with our attention on the external environment so we are in Beta. You may be wondering why is that important?

The beliefs you have about yourself, your values, your behaviors, your habits are engrained in your unconscious mind. In your childhood and your teenages years, this was the moment where you learned and designed who you are today. Your brain waves were lower than today, therefore your unconscious mind was much more accessible. If you heard a lot of time that you were not good enough, you were not pretty, or too fat, too short, or not really smart, you had ADHD... it's now engrained in your unconscious mind. So you don't even have to think about it anymore, it is part of who you are, you believe it as true and most of the time you're not even conscious about your own limitations.

How can you change then?


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is one of the most powerful method to change our unwanted behaviors, beliefs, habits because it is directly working with the unconscious mind and as you know now all your habits are engrained in this part of your brain. 

I use NLP to anchor positive states in you, such as confidence, peace, power, so you can activate and use your anchor any time you need. Just by touching the point in hand where we placed the anchor you'll instantly feel this emotion in your body. 

Super useful for interviews, stressful meetings, going on a date, or doing something that is a bit stressful for you. 

I also use NLP to change disempowering belief you might have that are holding you back from being your highest self. A limiting belief could be "I'm not good enough", "I am not loved" I am not smart enough" "I am too fat". All these decisions are limiting you to achieve your dreams.

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What is coaching exactly?

Coaching is not giving you advice on what you should or shouldn't do. My coaching are about awakening your own wisdom, your own truth. Deep down you already have the answers, I'm not here to tell you how you should live your life, I'm here to guide you to your highest self. My coaching are about guiding you in the right direction by asking specific questions. 

First, I help you to clarify what is the real problem you're facing at the moment, then you need to get clarity on what is it that you want? What would be a dream come true for you? And then you need to know how to get there, that's where I use NLP and meditation, to remove the roadblocks stoppping you from getting what you truly want.

Time-Line Therapy

How to release stucked emotions

Nobody taught us how to deal with our emotions, therefore we don't know how to control them. We either repress them (I was the master for avoiding my emotions) or we burst in tears or in rage at the worst moment. We act upon our emotions and then we regret our words or our behaviors.

Our emotions are like a control tower, we have green lights and red lights. All our emotions are necessary because we they indicate either a need is fulfilled (green light positive emotion) or a need is not fulfilled (red light - negative emotion). The problem is that most of the time we accumulate our emotions and some of them are stuck in our body, creating a dis-ease. These emotions need to be release in order to free your body and you then need to learn how to manage them. 

Time-Line Therapy is one of the most powerful and efficient way to release emotions. When you free the body, you free your mind at the same time. Therefore you'll feel lighter, calmer, different, and you'll be able to be in control of the future event. 

Time-Line Therapy also work incredibly with traumas, we work together to release the emotions attached to the traumatic event (anger, sadness, fear hurt, guilt).



Hypnosis, Meditation & Breathwork

Breathwork, meditation and hypnosis are very powerful healing tools to release and let go of stucked emotions that are holding you back. 

Why? Because when you meditate your brain waves changes and you can access to your unconscious mind, where you unwanted behaviors, habits, emotions are stucked. 

I teach you how to release emotions and connect to your highest self through these gentle and powerful methods. 

Meditation allows us to go inward by depriving our sight and therefore allows us to go back to Alpha. As I said earlier, our mind is made up of 5 percent conscious and 95 percent subconscious. The conscious mind primarily operates using logic and reasoning. The subconscious mind comprises our habits, behaviors, skills, beliefs and perceptions. 

Meditation, allows us to go beyond the analytical mind. When we are in the mind we cannot truly change. We can analyze our old self, but we cannot uninstall the old programs and install new ones. Meditation opens the door between the conscious and subconscious minds. When you meditate you enter the operating system of the subconscious, where all of these seld-destructive habits and unwanted behaviors, beliefs or emotional reactions reside, and change them to more productive modes to supports us in our lives.


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